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Scratch & Sniff Greeting Cards
Scratch & Sniff Greeting Cards
Scratch & Sniff Greeting Cards

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Smelling something delicious makes you feel happy

Scratch & Sniff greeting cards

In 2008 I designed and produced Australia’s first range of scented greeting cards. Scratch and Sniff style. I sourced the best smelling scent application I could find. The point of difference being that the entire front surface of the card is scented. That all over coverage ensures you receive a premium scent experience. Sniff cards scratch & sniff greeting cards are a true sensory delight.

The response was wonderful and over the years they have been stocked in over 200 lovely boutique stores, including Australian Geographic nationally.
Books stores have also been a great supporter of sniff cards.

The sensory advantage of smell adds a powerful emotional experience. This leaves the consumer with a memorable feeling of happiness & well-being. Simply put they make you feel happy.

Sniff cards use a scent printing technology never seen in Australia before. Most scent printer’s only spot print a tiny patch of scent on the item. This allows for a short burst of scent that wears out quickly.
Sniff cards are scented on the entire front surface. Having a larger scented area enables longevity of scent. It guarantees the paper will have real impact that lasts and smells wonderfully strong.

Did you know:

That we remember smells for much longer than sights, sounds, tastes and feelings.
My favourite fact about scent;
Good smells make us feel happy. If we smell something we find pleasant, it has a positive effect on the mind and helps to lift our mood.

Sniff Cards scratch & sniff greeting cards

Sniff cards are based on fruity, sweet smelling scents that I have carefully selected. The cards have illustrations of fun cartoon animals that are bright and colourful.  Each card has a name and a scent associated with it.  The first card I created was Bubblegum pig.

In my opinion if you are going to scent paper you want it to smell exceptional.